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Women's BUCS results 8/11/17

By standrewstennis, Nov 10 2017 06:35PM

Women's Firsts: Women's Premier North

WON (5-1) vs Northumbria 1s

Team - Alice Keddie, Lindsey Liles, Olivia Dawkins and Minnie Kenworthy


Amy Hoburn - Alice Keddie, 6-0 6-2

Yasmin Tanfield- Lindsey Liles, 1-6 4-6

Rachel Doyle - Olivia Dawkins 0-6 0-6

Ellisha Willis - Minnie Kenworthy, 1-6 1-6

Amy Hoburn & Yasmin Tanfield - Alice Keddie &Lindsey Liles 1-6 6-1 4-10

Rachel Doyle & Ellisha Willis- Olivia Dawkins & Minnie Kenworthy 3-6 6-7

Women's Seconds: Scottish Women 2A

WON (6-0) vs Edinburgh 2s

Team - Connie Dodds, Lizzy Shortis, Ellina Knudsen and Lexi Phelan

Women's Thirds: Scottish Women 2A

WON (5-1) vs Edinburgh 3s

Team - Julia Stevens, Megan Pollick, Emilia Cardente and Lily Saab

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