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Men's BUCS Results 14/2/18

By standrewstennis, Feb 21 2018 01:49PM

St Andrews 1st:

No match

St Andrews 2nd:

LOST (2-10) vs. Glasgow 3rd

Team: David Abbott, Ridwan Pfluger, Andrew Buchanan, Jonny Sinclair

St Andrews 3rd:

WON (6-2) vs. St Andrews 4th

Team: Nico Halter, Ross Witney-Hunter, Andras Nemesanszky, Alex Schellekens

St Andrews 4th:

LOST (2-6) vs. St Andrews 3rd

Team: Nathan Cox, Aaron Jessop, John Darling, Luqman Aizan, Sam Harvey, Jacob Baxter

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