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St Andrews 1st:

No match

St Andrews 2nd:

LOST (2-10) vs. Glasgow 3rd

Team: David Abbott, Ridwan Pfluger, Andrew Buchanan, Jonny Sinclair

St Andrews 3rd:

WON (6-2) vs. St Andrews 4th

Team: Nico Halter, Ross Witney-Hunter, Andras Nemesanszky, Alex Schellekens

St Andrews 4th:

LOST (2-6) vs. St Andrews 3rd

Team: Nathan Cox, Aaron Jessop, John Darling, Luqman Aizan, Sam Harvey, Jacob Baxter

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St Andrews firsts:

LOST (2-4) vs Strathclyde 2s

Team - Ken Senkoff, Sam Stead, Sam Woolhead and David Abbott

St Andrews seconds:

TIED (3-3) vs Stirling 5s

Team - Andrew Buchanan, Jonny Sinclair, Hilare Bedier and Sheyan Adenwella

St Andrews thirds:

LOST (0-6) vs Robert Godons

Team - Luqman Aizan, Andras Nemesanski, Nathan cox, Aron Jessop and Patrick Milne

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Women's Firsts: Women's Premier North

WON (5-1) vs Northumbria 1s

Team - Alice Keddie, Lindsey Liles, Olivia Dawkins and Minnie Kenworthy


Amy Hoburn - Alice Keddie, 6-0 6-2

Yasmin Tanfield- Lindsey Liles, 1-6 4-6

Rachel Doyle - Olivia Dawkins 0-6 0-6

Ellisha Willis - Minnie Kenworthy, 1-6 1-6

Amy Hoburn & Yasmin Tanfield - Alice Keddie &Lindsey Liles 1-6 6-1 4-10

Rachel Doyle & Ellisha Willis- Olivia Dawkins & Minnie Kenworthy 3-6 6-7

Women's Seconds: Scottish Women 2A

WON (6-0) vs Edinburgh 2s

Team - Connie Dodds, Lizzy Shortis, Ellina Knudsen and Lexi Phelan

Women's Thirds: Scottish Women 2A

WON (5-1) vs Edinburgh 3s

Team - Julia Stevens, Megan Pollick, Emilia Cardente and Lily Saab

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On the 29th October, teams from the Robert Gordon's University and Abertay University came to the Saints Sport Centre courts in order to play in the University Tennis Teams.

These tournaments are always a fun day as they provide an opportunity to play within a mixed team against a variety of opponents.

Representing St Andrews that day in the first team we had: Frances Neilson, Vinnie Joseph, Adam Feeney and Zoe Schiffer.

In the second team: Chris Cheung, Chris Bunting, Meredith Tufton and Emilia Cardente.

Out of the eight teams competing that day St Andrews came second and third.

Well done to everyone involved and to Vinnie and Ross (from Abertay) for organising it!

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Euan Bell: University of St Andrews Tennis Coordinator

This year the tennis club is fortunate enough to have a tennis coordinator to assist Mike and the committee. Read on to find out more about Euan Bell.

Euan will play a key role in providing more tennis opportunities (competitive and voluntary) for university students and will also form part of the coaching team at the University of St. Andrews for staff and students.

Currently, Euan’s coaching is primarily divided between Falkland Tennis Club and Richmond Sport where he coaches both juniors and adults on a weekly basis. In addition, he coaches Falkland men’s 1st team, organises additional match play opportunities as well as pre season training.

Euan is the men’s 1st team captain for Falkland – currently represented in division 2 of the Tayside Tennis Leagues. As a junior, he was coached by Mike Aitken and represented Falkland in the Junior Super League. Euan has worked in partnership with Active Schools for 8 years where he has developed sustainable school club links with Falkland Tennis Club which has increased participation and the club’s junior section membership. This has been achieved through the regular delivery of school tennis festivals, taster sessions and extra curricular activities.

Euan attained an honours degree in Sports Development that covered key areas in sports performance such as motor control and skill acquisition, the coaching process, sports psychology and performer improvement and development. He continues to develop his knowledge in these areas. As such, he forms part of the Disability Sport Fife team delivering weekly indoor multi sport sessions including tennis.

Contact Euan at

Welcome to the University of St Andrews Tennis Club. This website has been set up to enhance our communication with prospective, current and previous members of the club and to promote many of the positive activities the club are involved in. The website provides an overview of what we can offer to any aspiring tennis player - whether that be a total beginner or a county level player. Please contact the club if you wish to find out more.